March 14, 2018

Lips on a Butterfly

Lips on a Butterfly

A mouth full of promises

fruit and fire

the eyes of a siren,

she stands lean, tall

like a cinnamon tree

sliced mangoes for lips

dripping juicy and fresh

tastes from the tropics,

hot humid coastal nights full of salt air

sounds of the dark Atlantic,

and the faint scent of its mysteries and misery,

her tongue is a tide

a force sweeping men out to sea

She is the whims of Yemanja

the sweet breath of Oxum

a wet kiss imagined from boyhood

come true.

She walks a Samba 

laughs as only beauty can

flits away,

a butterfly with lips

oh, those lips!

full of promises

fruit and fire

and I wait and pray

for her honeyed tongue

to wash me out to sea


beije-me mortos

beije-me à vida!

c. 2009 M. D. Harris