Michael D. Harris

Michael D. Harris is an artist, professor, scholar, and curator presently living in Atlanta.

As a scholar, Harris has published Colored Pictures: Race and Visual Representation(2003), and has contributed to or co-authored a number of publications. He has had articles on contemporary African art and African American art published in a number of books and journals. More


A Member Of

As an artist, Harris is known internationally as a member of the noted artist collective AfriCOBRA which was featured in a documentary film shown on TVLand (formerly Nick at Nite) in February 2011. He has exhibited all across the United States, Europe, and in Martinique and Haiti in the Caribbean.

Current membership of AfriCOBRA is Akiii Ron Anderson, James Phillips, Nelson Stevens, Napoleon Jones-Henderson, Adger Cowans, Renee Stout, Kevin Cole, Frank Smith, and Michael D. Harris.  Since 2004, they call themselves AfriCOBRA Now.